Early Intervention Institute, St. Petersburg
Early Intervention Institute, St. Petersburg


Non-government institution of the post-graduate professional education “Early Intervention Institute, Saint Petersburg" is an international resource center of knowledge in the fields of early childhood, support for families with young children, and overcoming the functional impairments of the child.
EII’s Focus

  • Educating the specialists in the modern approaches to working with young children, including children with social or biological risks or children with established disabilities;
  • Conducting professional supervisions for specialists working in the early intervention services
  • Testing and implementation of the early intervention programs for families with children with biological risks and children with established disabilities: individual and group activities, group socialization, parent clubs;
  • Diagnostic of disorders: accurate assessment of hearing, functional vision, motor, cognitive, communicative, social and emotional development of the child;
  • Information support for parents and professionals: collecting up-to-date information and counseling parents and professionals about specifics of the development of children with functional disorders, about the socio-emotional needs of young children, about early intervention and habilitiation programs in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation and other countries, and about the technical aids and assistive technology.
  • Management of the support for social inclusion of children with disabilities and their families: support for the children with disabilities entering kindergartens and for those staying there, individual selection of technical aids and assistive technology for children with motor impairments, communicational problems, with cognitive problems and hearing and vision impairments;
  • Practical, theoretical and sociological research in the field of early intervention
  • Creation and distribution of educational materials, writing and publication of literature on early intervention for parents and professionals