Early Intervention Institute, St. Petersburg
Early Intervention Institute, St. Petersburg

Our Partners

The Institute is a unique organization that has brought together Russian and foreign researchers and practitioners, politicians and public figures, parents and specialists. It is their personal contribution that has helped our Institution to take the leading position in the field of Early intervention both in Russia and abroad.

A huge role in the professional development of the Institute was played by a close and constant cooperation with Sweden. In the early 1990s, the Swedish Association for Support of the Institute organized training and study tours for our staff in many of the Swedish practical and educational institutions.Since 1996, the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation, Sida helped EII to maintain cooperation with the Stockholm Pedagogical Institute, the University of Erste & Shendal, with the Swedish Institute of Technical Aids and with habilitation services in Stockholm. In 2000 - 2009, the Institute has partnered with the organization "Save the Children, Sweden ". A joint project of the Korchakovsky center and EII was supported by the International Children's Fund, founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden.

The Institute participated in numerous joint projects with specialists from UK, Norway, USA and Finland, supported by various private and public foreign funds, as well as the UN Children's Fund, UNICEF, the World Bank and the European Commission's cooperation program.

The Institute's employees are among the members of the International Society for Early Intervention and the European Association for Early Intervention Eurlyaid.

The Institute has been visited by such well-known Russian and foreign public persons as Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs of the Russian Government G.Karelova, MP E.Lahova, MP P.Schelisch, Prince Charles of Wales, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe and others.